Fonds Fondation Ruben Antoine pour l'élévation financière

For several years, Ruben Antoine has been involved in various projects promoting the economic elevation of people from marginalized communities.

By creating la Fondation Ruben Antoine pour l'élévation financière Fund, Ruben wishes to further contribute to reducing societal barriers and financial inequalities that limit certain communities.

The fund's mission is to support education, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and other means of personal financial advancement. Education combined with financial upliftment constitutes a powerful social elevator to reduce disparities, access opportunities and achieve economic emancipation. The objective of the fund is to contribute to the creation of personal and collective prosperity within disadvantaged communities and society in general.

Each dollar donated to la Fondation Ruben Antoine pour l'élévation financière Fund will be used to support initiatives and organizations with a mission that aligns with that of the Foundation.

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