Melissa Frohloff

Récolté : 3 425 $
Objectif : 2 500 $
28-05-2023 100 $
Don anonyme*
28-05-2023 50 $

Hello Melissa, you are an inspiring example! Sending love and support for you walking today.

25-05-2023 50 $
Michele Caudrey
25-05-2023 200 $
167115 Canada Inc
10-05-2023 40 $
Dalgarno family

Such a wonderful way for you to honour and remember your dad!

10-05-2023 50 $
Don anonyme*

I am always happy to support our VSPCR Como - such a wonderful haven. And what a great way for you and your family (and friends) to honour your Dad. He was a wonderful person, and we are truly blessed to have known him. Our thoughts are with you all...
Hugs from Barbie & Charlie Taylor

09-05-2023 50 $
Mamie Jones
07-05-2023 100 $
Parker Family

Sending you love from us all. “There are some who bring so much light to the world that even after they are gone, their light remains”.

07-05-2023 50 $
Whittaker Chaddock Family
06-05-2023 50 $
Nicole and Greg
06-05-2023 100 $
Klein family

It’s important that a place like this one is available to families in their most difficult times. Peter was a wonderful person. Always making people laugh and always thinking of others.

05-05-2023 200 $
Karen and Jan

Holding you all in our hearts.

04-05-2023 100 $

Building yet another collective memory while honouring such a wonderful person.

04-05-2023 200 $
Steve and Pm Martin

Peter always gave so much to those around him and it is so good to know he had such great care during such difficult times. We are glad to be able to offer support to those who helped him so much and wish we could join you on your walk but I will be running the Calgary Half Marathon that day and this one will be for Peter, he was on a marathon much greater than all mine combined.

04-05-2023 50 $
Coutts Family
03-05-2023 50 $
03-05-2023 50 $
Katie Shaar

What a great way to honor your dad. Thinking of you all! xo

03-05-2023 50 $
Little Family

Incredibly important facilities well done. A Wonderful tribute in memory of your Dad

03-05-2023 60 $
Don anonyme*

Hi Melissa,
My Sincere Condolences in your Dad’s passing️ I’m Gord Bowen’s sister…Barb and Gord + I were very fond of your Dad️️ You will be helping the next family in need!
This is such a kind and thoughtful gesture love,


Marjorie ️

03-05-2023 200 $
The Quennevilles

We are thankful our friend Peter was able to pass peacefully, with dignity and surrounded by his family in such a beautiful setting.

03-05-2023 100 $
Don anonyme*

We support you with great love in memory of the sweetest man.

03-05-2023 50 $
Castagna family

Happy to support this important cause. We are so lucky to have this residence in our community.

03-05-2023 1 000 $
Don anonyme
03-05-2023 50 $
03-05-2023 100 $
Chevrier-Pritchard Family

Wonderful initiative for a wonderful cause for a wonderful man ️️️

03-05-2023 50 $
Lisa Parent
03-05-2023 50 $

With you in spirit. May this fundraising opportunity help in the healing process

03-05-2023 25 $
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03-05-2023 200 $
Melissa Frohloff