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SSQ Insurance is ready to complete the OcSobre Challenge for the benefit of Le Grand Chemin.

The donations will ensure free services for the teenagers and their family and offer them a variety of cultural and sport activities. Your contribution will make a difference for the teenagers at Le Grand Chemin.

It should be pointed out that:
-500$ help the teenagers at Le Grand Chemin to find a passion by practicing a sport, a cultural activity, or other kinds of activities (art therapy, animal assisted therapy, etc.)
-1000$ ensure a free therapy for a teenager.
-2500$ cover the fees of an expedition with the Outdoor and adventure therapy project.

We strongly believe that as a community, we can help these teenagers. Let’s recall that a stronger community makes everyone a better person.

Thank you for your support! The teenagers need it.

SSQ Insurance
Communities make us

Récolté : 3 570 $
Objectif : 5 000 $
01-11-2019 200 $
Don privé*
01-10-2019 770 $
SSQ Insurance
26-09-2019 320 $
SSQ Insurance
25-09-2019 500 $
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Great charity...always happy to support charity events that help improve the lives of children and there families

23-09-2019 1 280 $
SSQ Insurance
23-09-2019 500 $
SSQ Insurance