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When my 74-year-old mother began having mobility issues, my family assumed that old age was finally getting to my active mother who had always been a dynamo. But as different treatments failed to show any results, doctors began to suspect something far more serious. We were devastated when my mom received a diagnosis of ALS this summer.

Since her diagnosis, ALS Quebec has been there for my mother and our family. The services they offer, along with programs and research they support, provide something that’s vital at a time like this: Hope.

My mother has always had the most positive outlook on life, something that hasn’t changed even when faced with this terrible disease. Please join me in supporting ALS Quebec - either by donating, volunteering, or by raising awareness on social media - and together we can turn the never-ending hope that my mom has into more research and progress to strike out ALS forever!


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Lorsque ma mère de 74 ans a commencé à avoir des problèmes de mobilité, ma famille a pensé que la vieillesse atteignait enfin ma mère, elle qui a toujours été une force de la nature. Mais comme différents traitements n'ont donné aucun résultats, les médecins ont commencé à soupçonner quelque chose de bien plus grave. Nous avons été dévastés lorsque ma mère a reçu un diagnostic de SLA cet été.

Depuis son diagnostic, la Société de la SLA du Québec est là pour soutenir ma mère et notre famille. Les programmes et services qu’ils offrent, ainsi que les projets de recherches qu’ils soutiennent, nous fournissent quelque chose d’essentiel à un moment comme celui-ci: l’espoir.

Ma mère a toujours été très positive dans sa vision de la vie, et cela n’a pas changé même face à cette terrible maladie. Veuillez vous joindre à moi pour soutenir la Société de la SLA du Québec - soit en faisant un don, en faisant du bénévolat ou en sensibilisant votre entourage sur les médias sociaux - et ensemble, nous pouvons transformer cet espoir inépuisable que possède ma mère vers davantage de recherche et de progrès sur la maladie, afin de vaincre la SLA une fois pour toutes.


18-02-2023 10 $
Dave Alexander

You got this, and remember the only easy day was yesterday!

18-04-2021 200 $
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11-04-2021 25 $
Team Makos
26-01-2021 10 $
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12-01-2021 50 $
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Thinking of you and your mom

01-01-2021 50 $
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Wishing you, your mom and your whole family strength during this courageous battle. Sending positive hope and prayers!

31-12-2020 50 $
Don privé*
31-12-2020 50 $
Don privé*

Wishing your mom and your family strength and positivity during this difficult time.

24-12-2020 300 $
Closs Family

Best wishes from Ryan, Michelle, Lynn, John, Delaney and Collin

03-12-2020 100 $

Sending positive thoughts and energy!

28-11-2020 25 $
Matt Ohayon

Keep it going!

18-11-2020 25 $
Julie Henson

Sending my best wishes to you, your Mom and your entire family, Elias.

17-11-2020 10 $
Steiger Family

May our Most Holy Theotokos comfort you and give you strength!

17-11-2020 50 $
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17-11-2020 100 $
Jay Farrar
15-11-2020 50 $
Rebecca Dansereau
15-11-2020 150 $
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15-11-2020 100 $
Jonathan and Tays

Love ya

15-11-2020 25 $
Don privé*

Praying for treatments and a cure to become speedily available to help all those who need it. Will be praying for your strength in all of this!

14-11-2020 100 $
Mia Kouppa

Sending your mom and the entire family our best and warmest wishes. xoxo Helen and Billie

14-11-2020 15 $
14-11-2020 20 $
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10-09-2020 100 $
Team Makos

Strike Out ALS!

27-08-2020 25 $
Cheryl Everett

Wishing your family strength and sending good vibes

27-08-2020 25 $
Don privé*

Always have faith and be a fighter!

26-08-2020 200 $
Maria Moshonas

Wishing the family and your amazing mother strength and support at this difficult time.

26-08-2020 10 $
Don privé*

Stay strong for your mother sending Love

26-08-2020 18 $
Reesa Barr

I wish you courage and strength and thank you for asking for support for such a worthy cause. May your mother be blessed.

26-08-2020 25 $
Laurie Kathleen Fox & Family

Sorry to hear about your beautiful Mom. Keeping you all in prayer. ❤

26-08-2020 100 $
Ken Connors

You're doing a good thing Elias. Happy to support you & your mom.

26-08-2020 50 $
Mary Fiset

Keeping you & your family in my prayers

26-08-2020 180 $
Team Prawvitz

love you Makos!

26-08-2020 150 $
Don privé*

Stay strong! Sending all our love and support!!

26-08-2020 15 $
Mejia Family

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” Stay strong Elias

26-08-2020 100 $

I’m so sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but hopefully the foundation will continue to support your mother and others through this difficult challenge.

26-08-2020 20 $
Hugo V.

Having lost my mother 2 years ago to this awful disease. I'm all heart with you and your loved ones. This it's hard and with sadly no possible cure. Enjoy every moment in the coming months, years.

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