The Willoughby Clan


Be part of TEAM ALS under the Willoughby clan!

This clan is riding to represent Berte Willoughby, the great outdoors enthusiast and a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother and friend. Help the ALS society by donating to research or join us by setting your own goal(s) under the Willoughby Clan to help us reach our fundraising goal for the Ride to Fight ALS!
Thanks to the support of people like you, ALS society is able to offer services and programs to families at every stage of the disease. You will also help us support research, in the hopes of finding a treatment.

Thank you for your support!

Récolté : 1 420 $
Objectif : 1 000 $
09-07-2020 100 $

Great idea. Hope you catch the kids.

09-07-2020 100 $
Del and Lia

Lots of love

06-07-2020 50 $
Ann Chidwick

Keep up this great project. May the cure be found.

05-07-2020 50 $
Teves Fam
03-07-2020 100 $
Keyes Chidwick Family

Way to go Kathleen. Bertie would be so proud of you!

03-07-2020 250 $
Don privé*

Way to go Kate. I will start logging my miles in support of this wonderful reminder of such a beautiful sole. We love you Berte.

02-07-2020 50 $
Jacky Chan
02-07-2020 10 $
Erica Reis

So proud of you Katy Kat love you! <3

02-07-2020 10 $
Braxtyn Horbay


02-07-2020 50 $
Isabelle Calderhead
02-07-2020 100 $
Don privé*

Nice Work Kathleen! Looking forward to riding with you at the Lake soon.

02-07-2020 100 $
Don privé*

Way to go Grandma and Mum would be so proud. Berte was steady in all her exercise and adventures biking, skiing walking and sipping gin and tonics over a scrabble game. Miss her very much Best of luck

27-06-2020 25 $
Katie Richards
27-06-2020 50 $
Doe Family

I am so grateful for all the times your grandmother welcomed us to the lake so that we could all be together as a family: gramma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins, and of course, Berte! We will be with you every kilometre of the way, honouring your grandmother and supporting ALS research. Go Kate, go!

27-06-2020 5 $
Angelo Arcilla
26-06-2020 50 $
Siri Willoughby

Let’s see what we can accomplish, team!

26-06-2020 5 $
Liam Sullivan
26-06-2020 100 $
Don privé*

In memory of Berte: a ride for the cure so that others don’t suffer the indignity.

26-06-2020 100 $
John Snowden
26-06-2020 50 $
Don privé*

Berte was a marvel to me, always. Very low key about her accomplishments but always an inspiration. Especially her ability to giggle (I know where Siri gets it). Good luck Kathleen!! Xoxo Kathy

25-06-2020 15 $
P Uncss

This is a fantabulous way to honour your Gramma Willoughby!. I’m so proud of you, Sparkles!! <3

17-06-2020 50 $
Kathleen Deady